OARS 4.2 is now available!

OARS 4.2 has been redesigned and includes improvements like:

  • New Interactive Tentative and Final Roll System
  • Improved Comparable Sales Searching Capabilities
  • More Concise Information displayed on each page
  • Redesigned User Interface
  • Images displayed on all pages
  • Redesigned front end website

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Online Assessment Roll System

Publish your assessment rolls online, avoid the mass rush for hearings.  Its easy to do with OARS!

OARS 4.2 Features List:

  • Customer Controlled Data Extraction Utility
  • Customer Customizable Web Pages
  • Integrated Customer Maintained Calendar of Important Dates
  • Basic and Advanced Searching and Results View
  • Comparable Sales Searching
  • Multi-Year Tax Detail Information
  • Online Inventory Change Request Web Page
  • Online Informal and Assessment Board of Review Hearing Scheduler
  • Analytical Sales Reports
  • Integration With GIS, Google Maps and Bing Maps
  • Integration With Google Streetview Image Database
  • Separate Tentative and Final Assessment Roll Posting
  • Google Analytics Reporting


OARS(tm) Seemlessly Integrates With ARCIms GIS, Pictometry and Sketching Software

Other systems use FOIL regulations to get parcel level data, OARS extracts the most up to date information directly from the Assessors system.  Update your online parcel data on your schedule.  We work with stand-alone Assessor systems or Citrix based systems.

What is OARS?
OARS - Online Assessment Roll System
, is a web-based program that extracts data from your assessment roll software (I.E. RPSv4) and publishes this information online in a searchable format so that the public can lookup residential/commercial assessments and sales information in a participating municipality.
OARS is the preferred online parcel system for over a half a MILLION parcels in New York State.  Please contact us to see how affordable OARS can be for your municipality.

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Need Help?

General Public- end user of our OARS system:
If you are an end user of our OARS(tm) system and have questions about your assessment, please call the assessor in the town that you are searching.

Assessor/ Mayor/ Supervisor:
If you are an Assessor, Mayor, Supervisor and wish to speak to us about putting your assessement rolls online, please call us at (716) 635-5080.

To inquire about OARS for your town, please contact us at (716) 635-5080 Today!